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I’m here to support you and get your oral health back on track

Aenoy Phommala - owner & Oral Health Therapist
Aenoy Phommala - owner & Oral Health Therapist

The Oral hygiene clinic is one of four dental hygiene clinics in New Zealand.  And the only clinic in Hamilton city and the Waikato region.  We exist to support you and get your oral health back in check. 

I obtained my qualifications from Auckland University of Technology back in 2008 and since then have had experience in both the public and private sectors. However, most of my time had been spent in the private sector, having worked in two main practices for the past 10 years. On top of this, I did a four-year stint at a periodontist practice, where I was lucky enough to pick at the specialist’s brain. 

Services and Treatments

Consultation $45 – 30 Minutes

If you are unsure about what treatment may be required, and would like to come in for a chat.  A consultation can be provided to assess your oral health needs.  We can work out a plan together on how to best restore your gum health back to a nice natural smile.

Initial Hygiene care and assessment from $128 Up to 45 minutes

Is this your first visit? Or first in a long time? Not to worry! This appointment is recommended if you are new to the clinic or have not had a hygiene appointment done within 6 months.  A gum health check will be done,  Including a scale and polish.  If there is substantial calculus present, a further appointment may be recommended.

Periodontal disease maintenance treatment from $128

Have you experienced periodontal disease in the past? Had specialist treatment by a periodontist? 

This appointment is for those who require ongoing care, to monitor and maintain any on going gum pockets.  Once pockets improve back to healthy standards, a change to regular hygiene maintenance can be made.

Regular Hygiene maintenance $128

Are you a frequent flyer? If so well done! This appointment is best suited for those who maintain good oral hygiene care, and attend regular visits.  For those who are susceptible to heavy tartar and staining please book for an hour. 

Adolescent Hygiene treatment $104 Up to 45 Minutes, Children 13 & under $49

Is your teenager or child prone to heavy plaque and tartar build up? This treatment will help to remove the bacterial deposits responsible for tooth decay and gum disease. 

Annual Hygiene treatment $195 Up to 1 hour

Do you have superb oral hygiene habits? Fantastic diet low in refined sugars, alcohol and non smoker? If so, well done!  If you are not so prone to tartar build up, this appointment may be for you.  For those who are less susceptible to bacterial build up, and have good oral hygiene habits.  Once a year hygiene may be enough.  Or those who find this option more financially feasible. 

Adolescent Orthodontic hygiene treatment. $112 Up to 45 minutes

Is your teenager currently in the throws of orthodontic treatment? Having braces can be difficult for them to brush, causing more bacteria to thrive.  This appointment will help to remove bacteria and keep the braces clean, and access hard to reach areas. 

Implant Hygiene care From $128

Normally implant care is part of your general hygiene care maintenance.  However if you have some periodontal pocketing (bacteria under the gums) this appointment may be needed as an extra.

Root planing $150 - $195, up to 1 hour

This treatment is for those who have periodontal disease and require further treatment than your standard hygiene appointment.  Normally root planing is recommended for pockets that are greater than 5mm.  And is usually added on top of an Initial assessment/consult. 

Whitening In clinic $390

Are you interested in a brighter whiter smile? In clinic whitening is available, lighten up by a few shades.  Or pop in for a chat! there are various options to consider. We can discuss which option might suit you best.

Extra Oral suction units. These are medical grade H-14 HEPA filtration system with UV-C lightwhich stops virus and bacteria -> 0.3 microns with a 99.99% efficiency

What our clients say

Such a gentle experience. Aenoy is very knowledgeable and thorough. Doesn’t make you feel guilty for not flossing every day!

Nicky F 

I have had a few issues with my gums over the years and have been to see hygienists to help with prevention, but Aenoy has been the only one to explain in detail what the cause is and how to prevent further build up and problems. She is very patient and gentle and makes you feel at ease. I highly recommend her to others with perio/gum issues…..Thanks Aenoy

Michael G

Helping to improve your Oral Health and Smile

Oral hygiene clinic was born during the Covid pandemic! Our aim is to provide affordable yet effective dental hygiene care.   Just under 50% of adults over the age of 30 have some form of gum disease,  and we are here specifically to provide preventative measures and care. 

That 'furry' feeling you get when you run your tongue across your teeth, is bacteria.  Which is harmful to your teeth, gums and overall health.  

What is EMS Airflow?

EMS Airflow is an innovative design made to treat and prevent gum disease

EMS Airflow is a gentle type of tool used for dental hygiene maintenance.  This is done by using controlled stream of air, warm water and Erythritol. (Erythritol is a sugar alcohol which occurs naturally in some fruits, it doesn’t affect blood sugar and does not cause tooth decay).  Airflow has taken a step away from conventional methods of scale and polishing.  Consider it as a nice spa treatment for your teeth and gums.  

(* If you do not prefer the Airflow, this can be discussed with the clinician, who can offer treatment that may better be suited)

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